About Camp

Training Day Example Outline

am 07.30 – 08.00 – Breakfast
am 08.00 – 09.30 – Ice
am 10.00 – 11.00 – Off-ice Training
am 12.00 – 12.30 – Lunch
pm 02.00 – 03.00 – Shooting (3x a week)
pm 02.30 – 03.00 – Game Preparation
pm 03.30 – 05.00 – Game
pm 05.30 to 06.30 – Swimming (3x a week)
pm 07.30 – Dinner

This pattern is repeatedly followed every day, the times are subject to change for each particular group.


Group ‚A‘: up to 12 years of age
Group „H + D“: Hobby and Women (age unlimited)

The participants will meet between 10:00am and 12:00am at the ice arena in Marianske Lazne, where the coaches will be providing with elementary information.


  • accommodation in Hotel CONTINENTAL**** (two bed apartments).
  • parents may be assured that all players receive 24 hours a day supervision by the coaches and supervisors (Ludmila Kaberlová and Vilemína Hlavešová)
  • Daily diet: breakfast, lunch, dinner, second dinner.
  • drinks (energy drinks) are provided during trainings
  • barbecue dinner for your kids once a week


After the excellent experience of the last camps both in terms of accommodation and meals we continue with the four-star Hotel Continental. Another important factor is the distance from the Hotel Continental **** winter stadium and other sports facilities (pool, gym, playground). Within 5 minutes walk you comfortably in place.

Parents and escorts accompanying the camp participants have the opportunity to live with them at the Continental **** at reasonable prices.